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National Specimen Information Infrastructure (NSII)

The project of “The Construction of Platform for the Standard Cleaning, Integration and Sharing with Specimen Resources” (2005-2008) was sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), China.

It is consisted of 6 platforms, including Chinese Virtual Herbarium for plant specimens, national digital-museum of animal specimens, integrated specimen platform in the universities, national infrastructure of mineral rock and fossil resources, specimen platform in the protected area, resource-sharing platform of polar samples.

In the late of 2011, the MOST selected 23 of previous sponsored platforms to sponsor again in next several years and the project of digital specimen platform was among them. After several discussion and workshop, this project is entitled as “National Specimen Information Infrastructure”(NSII), which will integrate the existing 6 platforms into one big platform. It will not only focus on the specimen data, but also other related data, such as catalogue, living photos, literature, distributions and other related thematic databases. These works are strongly based on our previous work. We have built several websites focusing on these themes.