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Withthe development of human society, the importance of Biodiversity is valued bymore and more people and countries. It is now a hot topic around the world andmany organizations are aimed to promote biodiversity conservation andbiodiversity informatics in Asia countries.


Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IB-CAS) is situated at the foot of thebeautiful Fragrant Hill in Beijing, with history of more than 80 years. It is acomprehensive research institution for basic scientific research for plants inChina. Up to now, IOB has won 3 awards of the first prize of National NaturalScience Award, as well as about 160 awards of national, Chinese Academy ofSciences (CAS hereinafter) and provincial level scientific research awards.

Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academyof Sciences

Institute of Zoology (IOZ), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is a government-funded research institution inzoological sciences. With its efforts to both address basic scientificquestions and meet national and public demands in the fields of biodiversity,ecology, agricultural biology, human health and reproductive biology, IOZplaces great emphasis on integrative biology, evolutionary biology andreproductive biology. Other high priorities include invasive biology andtechnological innovations for sustained control of agricultural pests.


Action biodiversity

The mission blog is to serve the public with well-researched anduseful content and resources on biodiversity.

Animal Rehabilitation and Protection Front

Animal Rehabilitation and Protection Front isa young and yet an established group that leaves no ground untouched when itcomes to providing a better place for the animals to live in. We believe, it isall about respecting the nature and its creations. “Love is respect.” Love forthe voiceless has been our driving force rendering us with a voice so bold andpositive to fight for their well being. We ARE the "voice for thevoiceless”. All our activities are intended to provide a better habitat for theanimals. In doing so, we also bear in mind that any kind of animal abuse orattack is a punishable offence.

Conservationand Research in Ornithology and Wildlife

Conservation and Research in Ornithology and Wildlife (CROW) is a Non Government Organization based at Palakkad, Kerala,India.Our main concern is to prevent the loss of natural resources by humanactivities through research, awareness and management activities. Our missionis to convey the people and make esteem and recognize the importance ofbiological diversity to their own well-being. Our vision is a sustainablenatural resources for next generations. Since the birds are vital environmentalindicators, by focusing them and their habitats, the CROW is working to awarepeople, suggest management strategies to improve the quality of their habitats,other wildlife and for people.