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Kookmin University

Kookmin University was established by the cabinet members of the Shanghai Provisional Government while the Korean government was in exile under the Japanese Occupancy. As soon as Korea gained its independence, they felt the urgent need to train leaders to rebuild the nation, and meeting that need has been the longstanding vision of Kookmin University. One of the founding members of the university, Ikhee "Haikong"Shin, became the first president of our university. He later went on to serve the country as the first House Speaker of the National Assembly.In 1959 Kookmin University overcame a variety of obstacles imposed by the contemporary political situation. It was at that time that Sunggon "Sungkok" Kim, the founder of the Ssangyong Corporation, took over the foundation. His educational philosophy was to bring up leaders necessary for the modernization of Korea. Since then, our university has endeavored to do this.Surrounded by the Bukhan Mountain National Park, Kookmin University boasts a clean and green environment complimented by the most up-to-date educational facilities.Presently, Kookmin University consists of 23,000 students, 700 faculty and 300 staff members. There are 13 colleges and 14 graduate schools at Kookmin University.While preserving traditional values that have yielded success, Kookmin University strives to educate women and men to be creative, open-minded and principled professionals who can serve not only the nation but the global community, too.