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RC Biology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences

A Brief View of Research Center for Biology


The Research Center for Biology is structurally under the coordinationof the Deputy for Life Sciences, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, togetherwith the Research Center for Plant Conservation - Bogor Botanical Garden.

The Research Center for Biologycomprises the Botany Division (Herbarium Bogoriense and Treub Laboratory), theZoology Division (Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense), the Microbiology Division andsupported by Administration Division, the Facility and Collection ManagementDivision.

Previously, the Research Centerfor Biology was known as National Biological Institute (Lembaga BiologiNasional/LBN), established in 1962. The LBN was part of Institute of NaturalResearch Center (Lembaga Pusat Penyelidikan Alam), which was under thedirection of Indonesian Council of Sciences (MIPI). Later, MIPI altered toIndonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). In 1986, the LBN was changed into theResearch Center and Development for Biology and in 2000 it has been renamed tothe Research Center for Biology.

The task of the Research Center for Biology are to prepare material forsetting up policies, guidance, providing technical supervision, developing planand program, conducting research on biological sciences, and producing reportand evaluation.

The function of Research Centerfor Biology are:

·        To set up guidance, technicalsupervision on biological research.

·        To establish science andtechnology services in the field of Biological sciences.

·        Accomplishment of administration.

Besides its main tasks andfunctions, according to the Decree of Chairman of LIPI No. 1973/2002, theResearch Center for Biology - LIPI is appointed as Scientific Authority indaily duties in plant conservation and wild animal as well as implementation ofCITES (Conservation on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Faunaand Flora) in Indonesia. The Research Center for Biology is responsible toimplement daily duties of LIPI in terms of LIPI s as a scientific Authority asstated in Indonesian Regulations No. 7 and 8/1999.