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the Chinese National Committee for MAB

Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme is aninter governmental and interdisciplinary research program launched by UNESCO in1971 to tackle the population, resources and environment problems facing the whole world. The program has lasted for 40 years. The core concept of MAB isvery clear: man is a part of the ecosphere, and the problem of environment protection can’t be isolated from the needs of human life and the development of the local community economy. The ultimate goal of MAB is to realize theharmonious coexistence of man and the natural environment.

The Chinese National Committee for MAB was approved to establish in 1978, and its daily institution – the secretariat was established in Chinese Academy of Sciences, to promote the implementation of the program in China. After that, especially after the establishment of China’sfirst group of biosphere reserves in 1979 into the world network of Biosphere Reserves, such concepts of Biosphere Reserves have been gradually accepted by scientists, management staff and government decision-makers. The tradition always have been changed step by step, and all kinds of new scientific management modes have been tried to be set up. The Biosphere Reserves emphasizes the protection, and combines the ecological environment preservation,the improvement of people’s livelihoods, economic development and social progress, and then find a mode that protects the natural and cultural resources, and promotes the sustainable development of the society and economy. This was an important transition of the Chinese natural protection.

For the past years, with the powerful support and joint efforts of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese National Commission for UNESCO, Chinese Ministry of Environment Protection, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, State Forestry Bureau, State Oceanic Administration,Chinese National Committee for MAB and its secretariat have actively promotedthe implementation of the MAB programme in China, and they have especially donea lot of work on promoting bio-diversity and cultural diversity. They have helped China’s 32 nature reserves joined the UNESCO International Biosphere Reserve Network; and set up creatively the China Biosphere Reserve Network (CBRN), the members of which has increased from the beginning 45 reserves to the present almost 150 reserves, and CBRN has become an education platform that dynamically implements the MAB programme, and carries out capability construction of the reserves and concept training; It has started the world sonly popular science magazine - “Man and Biosphere”, which aims at exploring and sorting classic cases during the process of protection and development of Biosphere Reserves and propagating the basic philosophy of the MAB programme.The magazine has switched to an official journal issued publicly in 1999. Uptill now, 70 Chinese versions and 6 English versions have been published, and it has become a communication platform for promoting Biosphere Reserves and exchanging information in China, even in the world.