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Biodiversity Committee, CAS

DIVERSITAS, aninternational program of biodiversity science established in 1991 and improvedin 2002, is actively promotethe development of biodiversity science world-wide.CNC-DIVERSITAS is an academic organization that was created on October 28, 2004 to coordinate and conduct local activities of DIVERSITAS in China.

CNC-DIVERSITAS is led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with committeemembers from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry ofEducation, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, State ForestryAdministration, State Oceanic Administration and National Natural Science Foundation.

The Office of Biodiversity Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is incharge of the daily operation of CNC-DIVERSITAS. The 2nd Chinese NationalCommittee for DIVERSITAS was established in March 2011.