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Southeast Asia Plant Biodiversity Information Infrastructure (SEADiv)

Southeast Asia is not only a hotspot of biodiversity and cultural diversity, but also an important area to implement "The Belt and Road Initiatives". However, there are big gaps in biodiversity data generation, sharing and application. It is difficult to support the biodiversity assessment and conservation at a regional or continental level, due to the lack of communications among the existing platforms. The SEADiv aims at integrating plant biodiversity distribution information based on the network and data resources, such as NSII, GBIF. It covers the information of species, specimen, literature, research institutions, projects and personel, etc.

In addition to integrating online resources, SEADiv collected a book list of 859 national/regional floras and plant checklists through library inquiries, website retrieval and visits abroad. 462 books were identified as useful references and 114 books were key books after discussion with national/international experts. By the end of December 2018, 0.2 million records were collected through digitization.

All resources are displayed in the online map. Users can choose differentresources to manage and display. This project was supported by the Southeast Asia Biodiversity Research Center, CAS (1 million RMB, Nov. 2015-Nov. 2017).

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Overview of SEADiv progress and achievements




Species Checklist

101 million records

Herbaria and literature records

Occurrences (including specimen)

205 million records

GBIF & BRAHMS online resources, herbaria exchange.


110,000  records

Online resources


52,000  records

Books, articles, online resources

Plant resources

4,050  records

Literatures and online resources


209  records

Online resources


13,000  records

Literatures and libraries databases


120  institutions

Literatures and online resources

Related projects

109  projects



43  reports

Online resources