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Lubuk Baji
Posted on Friday April 03, 2009

Endro, Acun, and Bambang spent 2009-03-30 to 2009-04-01 at Lubuk Baji. They made 23 collections. Their largest collection was a flowering Amorphophallus!

Posted on Friday April 03, 2009

Cam, Endro, Acun, Edi and Bambang climbed to the top of Gunung Peramas on 2009-03-12. The summit trees included the widespread, coppicing Castanopsis, the cauliflorous Durio macrophyllus, and dense, mature Macarangas. We saw Shorea parvistipulata, and a small leaved Hopea, but no Dipterocarpus. The summit region has a dense carpet of Phrynium, indicating moist conditions. These are surely created by the daily cloud-cap that sits on the hill top in the early morning.

Off to a good start
Posted on Sunday December 07, 2008

Bambang Suryantoro (my National Park counterpart), Eka, and myself have now made two collecting trips to Gunung Peramas, in the Gunung Palung National Park. The forest was lightly disturbed, with a coastal influence (i.e., probably quite dry in the dry season). The collections are already up on the web.