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Thailand Network on Culture Collections (Thailand)

The Thailand Network on Culture Collection (TNCC) has been established in late 2000 after over 5 years of preparation. It is operated through the coordination of four major/key organizations which house the qualified culture collections, supported by laboratory/center with necessary equipment, specialized personnel and the mandate to support the culture collection activities of the country. These collections include BIOTEC Culture Collection (BCC), DMST Culture Collection (DMST), DOA Culture Collection (DOAC) and TISTR Culture Collection (TISTR).

The working group which is comprised of the chief curators of these collections has been set up. Each curator is to be rotated in chairing the working group on a one-year term. Initially, the BCC serves as the first secretariat of the network.

Network OrganizationBIOTEC Culture Collection: ( Collection of Fungi and Yeasts )Department of Medical Sciences: ( Collection of Human Pathogenic Microorganisms )Department of Agriculture: ( Collection of Plant Pathogenic Microorganisms )Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research: ( Collection of Waste Recycling and Industrial Important Microorganisms )