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Microorganisms Section of the NIAS Genebank (Japan)

The NIAS (National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences) Genebank is the central coordinating institute in Japan for conservation of plants, microorganisms, animals and DNA materials related to agriculture. The NIAS Genebank coordinates this activity in collaboration with a network of institutes throughout Japan.

The NIAS Genebank actively participates in collaborative activities with other countries in relation to surveys and research related to agricultural related genetic resources. In all activities related to conservation of genetic resources the NIAS Genebank follows the international community norms and national regulations. Plant and microorganism germplasm within the NIAS Genebank system collected in Japan is available for research purposes.

For scientists interested in germplasm related to agriculture within the NIAS Genebank system they are directed to the databases that follow that provide full details of how to request materials in each category of genetic resource.